Call for papers

All submitted articles should report original, previously unpublished research results, experimental or theoretical. The discussion topics and submission topics of 6th International Conference on Vehicle, Mechanical, and Electrical Engineering (ICVMEE 2022) are as follows. Topics include but are not limited to the following:




1. Technologies on Energy Conservation and New Energy Vehicle

1.1. Research and development of new type auto power system

1.2. Research on auto engine fuel and combustion optimization technology

1.3. Research and development of alternative fuel vehicle

1.4. Research on the matching and energy conservation technology of auto power 

1.5. Research on the technology of auto thermal environment and thermal management

2. People-Vehicle-Transportation System & Safety

2.1. New Automobile Running System

2.2. Tyre High Precision Modeling & Application

2.3. Key Technology of Automobile Chassis Active Safety Integration Control

2.4. Running Safety Basic Theory & Application Research of Our Urban Mixed Traffic Flow

2.5. Abnormal Traffic State Recognition & Emergency Handling Techniques

2.6. Research on Road Traffic System Safety Control Techniques

2.7. Key Technologies of Traffic Guidance System & Traffic Signal Control System

3. Research and Development of Electric Vehicle and Hybrid Electric Vehicle

3.1. Technology concerning configuration matching and control of electric vehicle and hybrid electric vehicle

3.2. Technology concerning regenerative braking system of electric vehicle and hybrid electric vehicle

3.3. Technology concerning driving motor and control system of electric vehicle and hybrid electric vehicle

3.4. Coordinated control technology concerning the power system of hydraulic hybrid electric vehicle

3.5. Technology concerning configuration matching and control of hybrid electric engineering machinery

4. Research and Development of High-efficient and Clean Auto Engine Technology System

4.1. Realization and optimization on ultra-low emission combustion mode based on mixing enhancement and burning control

4.2. Transient performance correction of vehicle diesel engine

4.3. Research on energy conservation technology of vehicle engine

4.4. Research and development of key subsystem industrialization technology of vehicle engine

4.5. Research on key component industrialization of electronic control and on key technology of system integration

5. Research on Key Technologies of Automobile Transmission System

5.1. Advanced development technology of automatic transmission system

5.2. Auto electric drive technology

5.3. Hydrodynamic drive

6. Automobile Movement Dynamics Simulation & Control

6.1. Automobile Dynamics Modeling Method Research

6.2. Research on Automobile Dynamics Performance Method

6.3. Simulation Method Research

6.4. Performance Control Research of Automobile Dynamics

6.5. Intelligent Control Research for a Finished Car

7. Key Technology of Automotive Electronic Control

7.1. Theory, method and technology of auto engine and power drive control

7.2. Theory, method and technology of auto stability control and active safety

7.3. Embedded hardware platform technology of auto electronic controller

7.4. Signal processing method and technology of auto electronic system

7.5. Embedded software technology base on AUTOSAR

Important Date

Submission deadline:

 October 10, 2022

Registration deadline:

October 31, 2022


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