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Keynote Speakers - Prof. Wei Zhou

Prof. Wei Zhou, Jilin University

Research fields:

Research and development of new type auto power system.

Research on auto engine fuel and combustion optimization technology.

Research and development of alternative fuel vehicle.

Research on the matching and energy conservation technology of auto power system.

Research on the technology of auto thermal environment and thermal management.

Keynote Speakers - Prof. Xinwang Wu

Prof. Xinwang Wu, Tongji University

Research fields:

Flow and Heat Transfer in Gas turbine.

CFD and Numerical Heat Transfer.

Aircraft Icing and Anti-icing.

Thermal Management.

Compact Heat Exchange. 

Advanced Experimental Technology of Flow and Heat Transfer.

More Keynote Speakers are coming soon...

Keynote Speakers - Prof. Xinwang Wu

Prof. Xinwang Wu, Tongji University

Prof. Wei Dong, Beijing Institute of Technology

Research direction:

(1) Theory and method of advanced design and collaborative simulation of automobiles;

(2) Automotive nonlinear systems / structural dynamics and control; (3) The core technology of Intelligent Driving, Connected & Automated Vehicles, especially the vehicle intelligent decision-making and dynamic integrated control (AESP/ACC/DCC/AEB);

(4) Various automatic transmissions (AT/AMT/DCT/CVT/HDT) and vehicle electrification (Electrification).

Keynote Speakers - Prof. Hongxing Hua

Prof. Hongxing Hua, Shanghai Jiaotong University

Research direction:

Vibration noise analysis and control.

Shock protection for shipboard equipment.

Modern theory of vibration isolation and reduction.

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